How Do I Create an Absence for Myself in EasyConnect?

STEP 1: In the EasyConnect section, select ‘Create Absence’. Select if a Replacement is required (Yes/No).

Optional: Add Notes for the replacement

STEP 2: Enter your Absence Date and Time. If entering a multi-day absence for the same reason and the same start and end times, select Add Days.

STEP 3: Select the Assignment and Reason for absence from the drop down. 

Optional: Enter Additional Info or a Release Code

STEP 4: Click OK and a replacement record will be created that can be edited.

Optional: If entering multiple reasons, times or subjects for your absence click Add Absent Time

STEP 5: When you are done, click Save to complete the absence and have it listed on your Absence List’You will also receive a confirmation email that your absence has been successfully created.

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